Grow To Drink

Mint. Grow. Drink.

We’re introducing a new type of liquidity!

A group of boring web2 professionals, hardcore wine enthusiasts and an award-winning winemaker came together to create a new type of wine club for web3.

Collect Empty Bottles, grow Grapes and combine them to redeem a bottle of exceptional wine. Join us as we launch the first web3 “grow to drink” wine experience.

Free Mint – Sold Out!

5,555 Empty Bottles

We’re introducing a web3 winemaking experience using a unique approach. Our process starts with Empty Bottles.

In order to redeem your physical bottle of high quality wine, you’ll need to grow your Grapes and fill it with wine.

Each bottle is an exact representation of the physical bottles used by our winemaker.

Mint Live! – 0.10 ETH

Grow Your Grapes

Growing Grapes allows you to fill your bottle with tasty wine. 

When producing fine wine, time is the most important ingredient. Grape rarity determines how many Grapes you grow each day.

Word on the grape vine is each Grape also acts as a raffle ticket for weekly contests to win awesome prizes!

Harvest & Redeem

Claim Real Wine

We’re working with exceptional winemakers, vineyard owners and high quality brands to offer special access to limited vintage.

Fill your Empty Bottles by growing grapes and then combine them to redeem a physical bottle of wine! 

We’re ready to ship 5,555 bottles of award-winning wine across three varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris


Exclusive Wine & Spirits Club

Redeeming your bottle of wine is just the beginning!

  • Redeem your bottle of wine to receive a MultiPass
  • Membership includes access to everything we do
  • Grape rarity will determine your discount level
  • Gain access to special editions & limited bottle drops
  • Grants exclusive access to IRL & Metaverse events
  • High-end raffles for digital & physical collectible items


Wine Barrels

1 Wine Barrel = 300 Bottles of Wine

We’re introducing a new way to partner with NFT projects.

Our team will craft a branded experience to help our partners provide a new type of merch item. Black hoodies are cool, but a private label bottle of fine wine is better!

Wine Barrels don’t cost anything up front. We go into each partnership opportunity with a flexible strategy that allows us to design a unique offering for their community.

Partnerships are by application and interview process.


Road Map


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a some answers to common questions.

Grow to Drink is a new type of web3 experience that we've created to launch our project. In order to redeem our first bottle of Bored Grapes wine, you'll need to grow grapes using our Grape Vines and harvest them to fill your Empty Bottles.

It's easy and a lot of fun! We're going to release a series of NFTs that allow you to advance through a digital winemaking experience, and results in a physical wine redemption.

That's correct!
1. Collect supplies - wine bottles, corks and barrels.
2. Grow grapes through a unique "grow to drink" process.
3. Combine grapes with a bottle and cork to redeem physical wine.

After you redeem your bottle of wine, you will be able to join our exclusive wine club. Members will get access to everything we do as we continue to grow the project.

We have three types of empty bottles: Agape, Chardonnay and Altus

Yes! Each bottle type represents a specific type of wine you can claim.

Agape = Pinot Noir
Chardonnay = Chardonnay
Altus = Pinot Gris

You will need to combine 1 Empty Bottle with 1 Grape Vine that is ready to harvest, with 8 fully grown clusters of grapes.

There will be 5,555 bottles of wine in our first collection.

These bottles are already in our wine cellar and waiting to be redeemed!

Free! We put out the Empty Bottle collection for free as a way to launch the project.

You can purchase on the secondary market here:

Grape Vines are the second NFT in our launch process.

Once you've minted your Grape Vines, you'll need to stake them in a passive staking contract to let them grow grapes.

You can mint your Grape Vines here:

Please join our community for more information:

You'll grow grapes by staking your Grape Vines in our Vineyard dashboard here:

Growing your grapes will use a passive staking process. This means your Grape Vines will never leave your wallet, but you will need to process a gas-less transaction in the Vineyard Dashboard to start the growing process.

Grape Vines will grow a specific amount of grapes per day. The amount of grapes you grow per day depends on the Grape Vine rarity level. Common - 1 Grape Per Day Semi-Rare - 2 Grapes Per Day Rare - 3 Grapes Per Day Legendary - 4 Grapes Per Day

Your grapes will stop growing and you won't be eligible for our weekly raffle prizes.

Our process mimics the actual winemaking process. IRL, you need to have 8 clusters of grapes to produce a single bottle of wine. So we're following this same process.

1 Cluster = 14 Grapes 8 Clusters = Grants 1 Bottle Claim

Our members who have their Grapes de-listed and actively growing are automatically entered into our weekly raffles for awesome prizes!

Weekly prizes will include NFTs, wine accessories, glassware, apparel, exquisite time pieces and much more!

The amount of prizes will change every week.

We use a passive staking contract to verify holders who are growing their Grapes each week. To choose our raffle winners, we pull the wallet addresses from holders who are actively staking and use Chainlink VRF (Verifiably Random Function) to randomly choose the winners.

The ChainLink VRF ensures that winners are chosen in a verifiably random way.

Your chances of winning a prize depend on how many Grapes you have collected at each weekly raffle. Each Grape acts as a ticket to the raffle.

Your odds of winning will change in real-time based on how many others are growing and how many Grapes you've grown each week.

Each holder can win one prize per week, per prize draw. This means an individual wallet can only win 1 prize per week There is no limit to how many prizes you can win over time.

Once a prize is awarded, you must complete a challenge to claim your prize. The challenge will be very simple and protects our holders and our team from legal and tax risks.

If the prize is a NFT or digital asset, then we will list it on an exchange for 0.0001 as a private sale with the winning wallet address. This is to protect our holders from legal and potential tax risks.

If the prize is a physical prize, then we gather the necessary information to ship your prize and provide tracking info when it has shipped.

Prizes must be claimed within 7 days!

Unclaimed prizes will not be claimable after 7 days.

Once you've grown all your grapes, you'll be able to harvest them and combine them with an Empty Bottle NFT. You will burn both NFTs to create a full bottle of wine NFT, which can be used to claim your physical bottle of wine.

Each wine redemption requires 1 Empty Bottle + 1 Full Grape Vine.

Yes! You can collect as many Empty Bottle NFTs and Grape Vines as you want.


Grape Vines determine how fast you have harvest your grapes and redeem your wine. The Empty Bottles NFT determines the type of wine varietals you can claim.

We have a wine list of Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Pinot Gris.

We will publish the wine list in our Discord for everyone to see when we get closer to the wine redemptions phase of the project.

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